Its still wrong

Long read, not sorry

It’s interesting, the idea that you can potentially protect a child by harming it. Effectively feeling like a hero for ending an unborn life, holding yourself high like you made the decision that had to be made for the best interests of the fetus. It kind of reminds me of Old Yeller – “poor kid’s gonna have it rough…take it out back to the barn and shoot it”

but you can’t say that, because to humanize the act, using street jargon rather than the unintelligible medical terminology used to describe the practice, makes it an issue of morality rather than a simple decision to undergo a medical procedure. Calling the fetus a child or living thing, and calling an abortion murder would poke at our natural human instinct to love and care for the children that we {He} have [created].

But now, because the narrative failed, we’ve taken the argument from “the cessation of development of a non-living clump of cells with no self awareness” to “let’s kill the kid so it doesn’t have a rough life”. How on earth do you rationalize that? This is not a dog with a terminal disease. When you end the life of a CHILD inside the womb, you aren’t putting anyone out of their supposed ”misery”, but yourself.

Read The Giver by Lois Lowry. If this was the way we ran our society, why not offer free pediatric euthanization service to every child in every pediatric cancer wing in America? Why not? The parents can’t afford to continue paying the medical bills (financial), the child is in pain(question of child’s quality of life), the child would be better off anyway, permanently out of it’s suffering. I’m sorry, did that give you a weird feeling to read a sentence taking about having your kid “put to sleep”? Yeah, me too. Because it’s WRONG. It’s murder. The heart that stops beating in a 5 year old is the same heart that stops beating in an unborn child.

You want to lose your mind when a dog is abused or animal is killed, but choose to turn your head when a HUMAN child’s life is taken

Logic: “do the child a service by protecting it from future hardship”

Reality: “do the parent a service and remove the inconvenience”

Don’t tell me it’s your body, and your choice. I already know- it was YOUR body when you made the decision to have sex, and YOUR choice when you decided not to at least have the [not so] common sense to use contraception. It ceased to be your body when another one was formed inside of it, and no, I will never empathize with taking a human life under the presumption that the heroic act of murdering a fetus is protecting the child from future peril.

Religion aside, you will never be able to rationalize murder. All you can do is continue to call it something else to keep from feeling the guilt of your decisions.





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